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Abiola olowolagba


hello there, this topic might seems a little edgy for you, but it’s the true that we all need to hear; especially at this time of the year when in actual fact we have spend so much for Holidays and Festive; but every where we get to know all we can see is “SALES” “SALES” AND “SALES”
Whatever we are doing, let us just take a pause and do right to our self and our close ones.

 What do we spend our hard-earned money on? On the other hand, in some cases do we our parent/guardian hard earn money on.
I know you do not need another Mum / Dad as the case might be on your back, believe me I know. Nevertheless, can you answer this question sincerely? Without feeling like…………… remember her (confession of a shopaholic—movie)
She is a case of misplace priority.
What should we buy?
When should we buy?
Why should we buy?
These and more are questions we need to ask ourselves before spending. There are rules to buying, as there are rules to selling. A good salesperson makes you feel bad about yourself until you make the purchase. Let face it he has deadline to make and target to reach, hence; he has to convince you to but even in your state of indecision.
There is a particular age we reach; we need to starts thinking of savings and investing than Spending. For the more, you save and invest today; the more you have to spend tomorrow. I know it is easier said than done! Yes! I am a living example. We need self-discipline for us to imbibe the saving and investment culture.
Someone said: “self discipline is doing what you have to do, when you have to do it, even when you don’t feel like doing it’.
That is saving and investing that money when you are making it, even when you have list of things to buy. I am not saying providing for one self is wrong; no that is what we work for, but there are something’s we spend our money on that we know they are not necessary. Like an additional car, shopping spree in Dubai, new pair of designer label shoes, a new set of gold earrings.
All these are great! Living a celebrity life is good. I love spoiling myself too; but come on, if we do not stop now, it will stop us soon.
Getting the first salary! Closing the first deal! Wao! What a great feeling that can be; the next and self presume reasonably thing we want to do is spoil ourselves! I love it!
When we invest our money, and imbibe the compound interest habit, it in turn makes more money for us what is a compound interest. This is the profit or interest you make on your investment. Advisable for a starter, invest this interest/ profit on another string of business or in a good stock. Alternatively, save it!
Whatever you are doing, before you spend that money, keep a little!

For the next remaining days of 2012; I will be sharing some insight into what and how people spend!!

Go be who you want to be!
Go influence your world!

Abiola olowo


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