Introducing Pecock College Uk Nigeria Office

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Peacock College UK is an established education institution in Hackney, London, UK, accredited by British Accreditation Council and works in affiliation with many educational institutions.

Peacock College UK is incorporated private limited company since 2010. The main objective of the company is to promote quality professional education and development of business professionals. The promoter director is Chief Patrick Segun Philips, an industry experienced professional. The administrative and academic head of the college is Zenon Adamek, the principal. The college is located at Unit 5, Kinetica, 13 Ramsgate Street, Hackney, London. The funding activities are entirely self-funded and Peacock College UK is a debt free organization.
The college caters to the educational needs of the international as well as local participants who desire to further their professional education. It offers tailored professional courses that suit the demand of every professional.
Peacock College serves the needs of the professional community through high quality and tailor made courses to meet their diversified needs. It employs qualified faculty, who possess both academic and practical experience. The college offers short-term professional courses in affiliation with reputed UK institutions and in the near future will add long-term and full-fledged higher education programmes in association with UK Universities. It presently offers variety of professional and vocational courses in Business Management, Finance, Project Management and many other fields of business.

We focus on the development of leaders with the capacity to effectively initiate, implement, and manage change in a dynamic business environment. We seek to promote professional growth through the attainment of knowledge and the acquisition of necessary skills to develop in each participant the capability to think logically and critically, communicate effectively, and appreciate the complexity and diversity of world cultures. Moreover, every professional leaving Peacock College will be well equipped with the technical tools and multi-cultural knowledge needed to capitalize on a wide spectrum of opportunities existing in the global business world.
We provide vocational educational services necessary to support professional programs in the College that is highly connected with regional businesses and institutions, one that is recognized for providing cutting edge, relevant educational services. Additionally, the services offered by our College expand the intellectual horizon of our students from their normal surroundings to the world. More precisely, we strive to build a College that produces outstanding business professionals, capable of building a successful career not only in they own countries but anywhere in the world.

Peacock College UK training faculties are professionals from the industry with rich academic background and teaching/training experience. They bring in advanced training skills and expertise to motivate participants with lively and practice oriented programme reflecting skills suitable to participants who would come from varied backgrounds, cultures, educational qualifications, knowledge levels & skills.
The college appoints teaching staff that not only possesses postgraduate and doctorate qualifications, but who also have vast experience in teaching undergraduate and post graduate and professional level courses. The college also employs high quality visiting faculty to deliver specific topic oriented lectures as part of our course programmes.

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  1. I like to know more abut tis college


      for the free course do contact the nigeria admission office

      136, obafemi awoolwo way ikeja laos

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