DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? US Embassy Denies Visa to Rude Nigerian Legislator Who Asked “Do You Know Who I Am”?

Have you ever ponder on this question?
Have you ever been asked?

from where I come from, it’s a common question. and most often people that ask this question don’t even know the answer.
When asked it is intended to frightened the audience or at times to get some form of respect or to instil fear.

Some people think it meant to define class or to command respect but I think it is politically and morally wrong.

It’s so common that even a no-body use it. A times when I hear this question, my tongue itch and I quickly want to reply with another question:

“who are you?” or
“do you yourself, know who you are?”

This question has brought luck to some few and shame and disappointment to lot of it users.

A case of shame and national disgrace was when a Nigerian legislator from South western was politely and diplomatically denied visa.

The legislator was denied entrance into the United State after making a show at the Embassey in Abuja, asking the consulate; “do you know who I am?”

If the legislator had know who he is and what is expected from a high profile man who ought to be a legislator, then he should have know how to behave, communicate and present himself most importantly in a public place like an Embassey.

So I will advise my people and everyone who cares, to stop asking that question if they don’t know the answer to it.

Because really “nobody cares who you are if you don’t know who you are.

Abiola Olowo.

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