Kim Kadarshian VS Juliet Ibrahim

Even to write about this am ashamed but! That why am a writer.

When Juliet Ibrahim said she is 100% hotter than Kim kardashian… It got me thinking- that’s vain

To start with of all the Kardashian sisters I have an undying love for Khloe she is my gurl and forever will be, so don’t see this as a Kim K fans thingy.

Am just disappointed over Juliet Ibrahim’s pronouncement.

If you know the story of Kim K; I think then you will know why Darey Art Alade brought her all the way from the States and not you just few mile away here in Ghana.

Plastic or no plastic Kim Kardashian is who she is…

Juliet Ibrahim is who she is.

Clearly I cant find any similarity.

Also if you think deeply about it and the rate at which Nigerian artist are yearning for international colabo’s and sign ups maybe just maybe this is Dare Art Alade’s way of staying in the good side or should I say playing good face with Kim K’s boo- Kanye west.

Juliet Ibrahim think or

Are you a learner?

Abiola Olowo.


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