Social Media Week 2013

Social media week 2013.

Lagos, Nigeria represents Africa continent and make her debut this year this is a global event, celebrated simultaneously In Different cites of the world from Miami, New York, Berlin, London,
Lagos, Paris, Brussels to mention but a few

And it covers all aspects and sectors of the economy from politics to social, education, entrepreneurship, science and technology, lifestyle, entertainment, culture, digital, medial, publication, health and fitness, religion to mention but a few.

The class and pedigree of the speakers are impeccable, choice individual from all works of life.

This is a welcome development and I appreciates the efforts of the convener and organisers as we all know it is a feat and it worthy of all our supports.

The only way we can support is to attend if we can and also publicised through all known and available social media.

I think it’s wise if you follow @smwlagos

You are sure of getting the official hashtags to all 48 events and any other vital info.

I will keep you posted as the events rolls by.

Follow me on twitter: @olowoabiola

Abiola Olowo.


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