Happy Valentine

Hello to my sincere followers, likers and yes first timers.

This is my valentine edition to you and I hope this will bring hope of love to those who want to find love, grace to maintain and give love to those who already has.

You might think this is a review but know it is not. As I was ready to type out my valentine message I tune into my radio and it was inspiration FM, love messenger with ego what a coincidence.

As I listen to “Ego’s lovemensseger on inspiration FM” I listen to different voices and people from different world.

As a matter of fact Ego is doing a great job, craeting an avenue for people to put themselves out their for the sake of love. I know it is not an easy task to do especially for the ladies, but against all odd they do. That is something, I pray you find love

I know some of our men are fragile hearted also and I know it is a feat for you too; it is a leap of faith and I prayed it leap you to the one.

Am not here to talk about Ego, but about the sects of people who called into her on air program.


Wao they are good, great mostly graduate working class, strong and energetic women. As I listen to them I prayed for them to meet sincere men and for their act of faith to work for them. I was waiting to meet their match in men then…


Am sorry but I have to drop it as it is… Am not encourage.

This got me thinking

Am not here to bring anybody down, the men that called just got me thinking- what’s happening to our men? Timid? Confused? Skippy? Un emotional? Non-romantic?

As I said earlier am not here to judge neither am I perfect also.

For all that called I sincerely wish you well and pray cupid will send that person your way.

Happy Valentine from me to you.

Abiola Olowo.


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