okada and Lagos metropolise

It came like a bomb to some but really it has come to stay. Like every other thing with the Gov. Fashola’s administration. Though some might see it has the wrong doing on the masses. But really the banned of Okada in some 400 major roads of Lagos state is a relieve. Believe me when I said tjhis; ” in the long run even the okada riders will come to appreciate this giant step by the Lagos state government.”

Though there are always the good and bad side to everything in life, even with this in mind I still believe if Lagos is truly to be counted among the metropolitan cities of the world; reform is inevitable.

I will like to implore the government on somethings though. Whenever the government comes up with a new law or reform’ our security bodies or forces as it might seem who ought to be the mouth piece of the government to the people in carrying out this reform are always the bad wagon. Their attitudes and short comings are always a bad indicators to people; ironically the government is blame for these ( they are the government anyway.

I was driving through the city of ikeja in a tricycle popularly called “keke maruwa” and I was amazed and comfort with the serenity of our roads:

Awolowo way

Toyin street

Allen avenue

Opebi etc.

My pictures speaks volume to these.

I pray this has come to stay.

Till we cross path again….

Go believe in yoyurself

Go believe in Nigeria

Go impact your world

Dropping my pen here for now



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